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The DIYcamper.com.au website documents the construction of my own camper-trailer, and provides resources for anyone making their own trailer. 

No warranty is provided as to the accuracy or currency of the information provided on the site, or to the legitimacy of any products advertised on the site by third parties (eg: eBay, Google etc). Road, vehicle, safety, electrical and gas regulations in your jurisdiction, in addition to local conditions, the passage of time etc, may mean that the information provided on the website is incorrect or does not apply to you.

The author cannot be held responsible for any loss or failure which occurs as a result of any information provided on the DIYcamper.com.au website, or from any links on the website, or from the purchase of any items advertised on, or linked to, by the website.

It is up to the reader to ensure that the design and construction of any trailer inspired by this website is safe and legal. All local legal requirements for PPE, work safety and construction must be followed (with particular attention to electrical and LPG safety regulations), and any trailer should be checked for integrity and safety by a qualified engineer prior to use.


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